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Juan (Yohanan Enkavo)

Nombre / Name:
Juan (Yohanan Enkavo)

¿De dónde eres? / Where are you from?:
CAMAS (Sevilla)

Un poco sobre ti / A bit about you:
Descendant of Judeo-Convers family, Castile, native of Guadalajara, Sepharad …
I am a nurse for daily bread and practice it with great eagerness.
Student of Sacred Scriptures … and I am moved by the prophet Habakkuk, when he says: “THE JUST WILL LIVE for his FAITH / Fidelity”
I thank Beit RaMBaM for being able to keep that part of me alive (חלק ממני).



Beit RaMBam – Comunidad Judía Progresista de Andalucía

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