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Throughout history, humble Jewish kehilot
have been supported by the solidarity of their members
and Jewish institutions that have contributed to them.

Any help in the form of donations would be welcome,
and of course,very much appreciated by Beit Rambam!

If you want to help us, please write to the Fundraising Commission at

…or if you prefer

…or by bank transfer

Bank: BBVA
Bank address: Recaredo, 23 Sevilla 41003 (Spain)
Account number/IBAN: ES65-0182-3293-01-0201567639
Account holder: Comunidad Judía Beit Rambam

We collaborate with:

For the past ten years, Beit Rambam has enjoyed a collaborative partnership with the Three Cultures Foundation. Together, we’ve undertaken meaningful initiatives that enrich the cultural landscape of Seville. We deeply value their work and look forward to continuing this collaboration on future projects.

Agreement of collaboration with
Fundación Tres Culturas del Mediterráneo
(Foundation of the Three Cultures of the Mediterranean)
In 2013 former Director – Manager of the Fundación Tres Culturas Ms. Elvira Saint-Gerons, and former Beit RamBam President Mr. David Pozo Pérez, signed an agreement to establish a space founded on the bases of dialogue and tolerance, in which we can contribute to making the Mediterranean an area of peace, stability, liberty and progress.

Beit Rambam aspires to provide a modern and progressive Jewish point of view in this agreement, giving special support in those institutional events, in the cultural or academic world, whose purpose is to contribute to deepening the understanding among cultures and its diffusion in Spanish society.

Likewise, we also collaborate with:

Red de Juderías de Sevilla: Caminos de Sefarad
(Network of Jewish Quarters of Spain: Walks of Sepharad)
Consorcio de Turismo del Ayuntamiento de Sevilla
(Network of Jewish Quarters of Spain: Walks of Sepharad)
‘La Sevilla de los Levíes: Las Raíces de Sefarad’
(‘Seville: the Levi’s city: Roots of Sepharad’)

Our friends

We are friends of Congregation Rodef Sholom in Youngstown, Ohio and Temple Beth Israel, in Sharon, Pennsylvania.

Thanks to contacts of a former President we have received a Sefer Torah.

With the union of Congregation Rodef Sholom and Temple Beth Israel  to which this former president’s grandparents belonged, they donated a Torah to our community, for which we are profoundly grateful.

Have been working to build connections locally: Jewish congregations, media and other organizations with which we are in close contact.

Beit Rambam is an open congregation that foresees in its horizon to offer help and establish bonds and good relationships with other Andalusian, Spanish and international institutions.

Beit RaMBam – Comunidad Judía Progresista de Andalucía

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